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Monthly Archives: November 2008

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Mickey and Sissy

Mickey and Sissy are adorable chihuahuas who braved the cold today for their portraits! Luckily they had their warm sweaters on or they might have frozen. (I still can’t feel my hands!) Sissy is the most outgoing of the two- she is super funny and very easy to photograph because she is extremely attentive. And […]

Kaitlin and Dylan

I always love the chance to try to capture the true bond between a dog and his/her person.  Kaitlin and Dylan have a really special relationship. Dylan is a former service dog but his bad hips caused him to be released from the program. He found a fantastic home with Kaitlin and her family!   […]


I had a blast today taking pictures of Tommy. He’s a Humane Society dog which makes him extra special! Tommy’s Mom had him DNA tested to see what breeds of dog he might be. The test came back with German Shepherd and Beagle. I think he may have a few other breeds mixed in there….. […]


This is Toby- a super sweet Shar-Pei.  He is pretty sick with bone cancer, but he has survived the odds for a long time now, and he is still a happy and peaceful little guy. Toby has a rock in the backyard that is family calls “Pride Rock” because he loves to stand there and […]

Hello again, Louisville!

I’m back from Paris! What a fantastic place. I loved it so much- especially the food. I ate pastries every day without fail and they were amazing!! My favorite were these little apple flan pastries- I know I will dream about them (because I’m one of those weirdos who actually does dream about food). And […]